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Product line - AVE skyLine

inspections of transmission equipment - electrical powerlines, pipelines, etc. Photogrammetric flights / video flights / transmission flights / inspection flights / patrol flights. Tasks performed in order to obtain materials such as aerial photos / aerial videos / spatial imaging of objects and other events.


Complex powerlines and product lines  inspection.

top quality equipment

During the inspection flight, the helicopter is equiped with sensors, according to the needs of customers. In addition to precise GPS navigation, IMU position sensor, thermal camera, we also use LiDAR and a 100 Mpix camera.


The laser captures millions of data points using the infrared laser beam technology that creates detailed 3D images in minutes. Images contain millions of 3D, georeferenced data points, known as point clouds. Georeferenced , means , taht avery single point has int own GPS coordinates ! That's great, isnt it ?

RGB camera

Usually, during inspection flight, one lens looks forward while the other looks back, so a two-way image of the  high& very high voltage poles structures can be obtained. This kind of photos are used for efective and  precise visual inspection.

Best software solution

In addition to the system and devices for collecting RGB, laser, multispectral, infrared, etc. data, we have software available, which is used to create data databases for effective control, modeling and prediction of powerlines, poles structures and corridors error rates.


The AVE AIR s.r.o,  provider of special aviation works (inspection of powerlines, cleaning of forest corridors, etc.) according to EASA standards in (High risk specialised operation) offers the performance of aerial diagnostics of powerlines using reliable aviation technology and hardware and software solutions that have been verified for more than 1 .6 million km in 10 European countries. We are efficient due to individual approache, flexibility and the use of the most modern and thanks to the large volume of inspections performed also reliable technology.