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aerial survey

We offer solutions for complex, specialized projects for aerial survey purposes. Whether it is a complex inspection of powerlines or scanning the territory with a precise aerial laser (LiDAR), we guarantee a high-quality and cost-effective service.

flight trianing

After completing the PPL (H) training and a successful examination by the examiner, the student pilot becomes an independent helicopter pilot in accordance with the pan-European EASA legislation, PAR-FCL. The purpose of type training is to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills to obtain a type qualification category for a given helicopter

sling load

Flights with an external load of up to 1200 kg and a rope length of 40 m allow your cargo, machines and equipment to efficiently reach hard-to-reach places. Flights with a vertical reference and a powerful helicopter offer more for less - more performance in less time, less costs.

about us

AVE AIR s r o is the helicopter
company, established in 2017
providing commercial helicopter
specialized operations, especially
aerial survey, sling load transport,
human external cargo, forest
firefighting and pilot trainings.

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